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He's here!

Can you believe it!!! After counting down for nearly 4 months, the moment has arrived!!!! On the 1st of April, I ordered my kiln as an early or long overdue (depending on the angle) birthday present. I have been counting down to the delivery day as some of you will be all to well aware of :) But living in a house already filled with love, dogs and art supplies, Dante needed his own space. Enter Gary Burton, a super skilled craftsman who cannot make a "simple" shed. Instead he builds robust constructions of the highest quality prepared for what the Scottish weather can throw at it! Gary's handiwork :)

After a couple of coats of paint and with some embellishments added...

When Adrian turned up yesterday noon, I could not have jumped higher. (no.. I physically could not.. but I mentally di!!)

My wonderful husband and Adrian delicately navigated our treacherous garden path to bring Dante home.

DANTE, my beautiful, first, sparkling new electric kiln! The journey can now commence in all earnest! After having eaten a celebratory icecream, and taken a photo shot to mark this very memorable occasion, Adrian set off on the 6 hour journey back home.

My mind bubbling with information and things to remember, the scorching heat, the adrenaline of the day...I was knackered. But.. there was still a kiln to load: aka Tetris with ceramics! Trying to fit all your different sized pieces onto a shelve, and another one, etc. After a lot of huffing and puffing in the by now unbearable heat, it was time for Dante to get to work!

And of course, I had to check on him first thing this morning (4.30am), in pyjamas, unwashed, uncombed, pre-coffee, and hoping none of the neighbours would be up yet! He had just started the second segment of the bisque firing. At the time of this writing, he is cooling down. Hopefully enough so I can unload the kiln this evening, fill it with a fresh batch and start all over again tomorrow. And by Sunday, I should have something to show you!

Thank you all for your encouragements, for helping me to remain patient and otherwise occupied, thank you for believing in a pottery future! To be continued.


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