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We're back! 😊

Can you believe it has been a little over 3 years since we last posted on this blog?  Not blogging was a conscious decision after doing a marketing course where we were told blogging had become obsolete. But ...

I love getting to know the artist behind a piece. Not just the manicured photoshoots but the real nitty gritty behind the scenes: the real life person who makes magic happen.  Sometimes a picture on Instagram leaves me wanting for more info and then I head over to the blog to read about the inspiration, the process of creating that piece, the successes, the failures and the lessons learned. That’s why I read blogs and I hope you do too!

So without further delay, ….the blog is back!

If you’ve only just found us, welcome!  You can catch up (it’s only 46 odd posts 🤣) starting with the very first and rather dramatic one here, and take you on a journey through my creative explorations all the way to today’s ceramics.  With all the gaps in between, it progresses quickly!

Since our last post, I’ve lost my dear Mum, my day job, and as a result, also a bit more of my health.On the positive side though, I have become a full time ceramicist and feel a lot happier for it.  Getting your hands in clay and focussing on creating pieces is hugely therapeutic.  I warmly recommend it!

And guess who joined me in the process:


In today’s post, I’d like to talk a bit about our change of direction.Over the past 2 years we’ve been making small serving bowls, sweet bud vases, manly mugs and Christmas decorations which we brought to our first ever craft market in November.

During the weeks of Covid recovery that followed I had plenty of time to think about the way forward and, with Ian being less available to throw bowls and pots, we would not be able to keep up with the production.  So, we’ve decided to tone down the functional pottery making in favour of the whimsical things, small thoughtful gifts for people who value their friends and family.

First up, wee ceramic flowers.  They come in a small selection of colours and shapes, on coated metal wires which can be cut to size with scissors or replaced by a wire of a different colour.

Making small things comes with a whole different set of issues:

  • if you drop them, they disappear into the black hole in our living room (which gobbles up our keys, erasers, glasses, and now also little flowers! 🤣

  • they are difficult to manipulate

  • the usual tools are too big, so you need to improvise or get miniature making tools (I got dentistry tools)

  • you’re stronger than you think!  The slightest pressure when handling these fragile petals and they break.  So you make a whole batch more to counteract the loss.

BUT, they are soooo cute.  They look really pretty as single stems in a little bud vase.  I’ve stuck a few next to our succulents to give them a pop of colour.

I can make them in different colours, much larger, for the garden, for wreaths, with the addition of a matching gift card, etc. 

Tell us what you would like!  Hop over to our Facebook chat or message us on Instagram Next time: All about dogs!


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