Welcome to the beautiful Scottish Highlands

I am a small-batch potter and ceramicist living on the west coast in the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

My pieces combine unusual modern lines with notes of classical Italian art.  You'll find hints of Scottish mountains in my works as well as the influences from other countries I lived in.

I'm drawn to organic and quirkier shapes, depending on the mood and inspiration of the day. I usually start with a well defined idea which takes on a life of its own once the clay touches my hands.

My pieces are made from Stoneware clay, glazed with leadfree food safe glazes and fired in an electric kiln.

The process

Hand building

Small pots and bowls are mostly hand build from a rolled out slab gently eased into the desired shape or by rolling out coils of clay and adding them one by one onto a pinched pot base.  There is something really therapeutic about moving clay into a shape.

Wheel throwing

For larger bowls, mugs and plates, I use the wheel.

Drying, decorating, glazing

Bisque firing happens after the pieces are bone dry.  This can take beteen 1 week and much longer, depending on the humidity.
Once bisqued, glazing can start. I use brush on glazes which requires 2 to 3 layers per glaze.  All glazes and combinations are tested on test tiles before being applied to the actual pieces.  


If the kiln gods are kind, beautiful things happen!  


A bit of history

The planting of a seed

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by art, by beautifully drawn pictures, by matching colours, by esthetically pleasing shapes.

From a very young age I tried to do things differently during the art class (I vaguely recall how that worked out). It meant that I used the techniques taught and did my own thing with it. That was the extent of my teenage rebellion :)

While my grandparents did the make-up for theatre plays, the rest of the family was reeled in to help with our local Carnival: painting the faces of hundreds of people during that whole crazy period when our town went mad.  
Those days instilled a drive to draw, to paint, to be creative...

Then life happened and art was put on the backburner until further notice, only to come back with a vengeance: making venetian masks in leather, creating mixed media canvasses, acrylic paintings, polymer clay jewellery and home decor, coloured pencil dog portraits and oil paintings.   An outlet for my thoughts while waiting to afford a kiln and get to do what I really wanted.

You can find a selection of these on my other site HERE.



My dream however was always close, but not close enough.


Now, I am finally where I want to be: doing ceramics!

Pots, mugs, plates, soap dishes, vases, quirky things...  all lovingly made to embellish your table, your favourite corner of the house, your own space.

I live with my soulmate, my elderly Mum and our 3 dogs in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland and I hope that I can bring a bit of joy from our neck of the woods to you!

If you see something you really like, send me a message. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram  or subscribe to my newsletter to be informed of any exciting new things happening! 

Have a cup of coffee, join me while I get my hands into clay, and don't forget to say hello!