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Arf, she said...

Woof! We absolutely LOVE animals, any shape, size, or species—they just make our hearts sing! But when it comes to passion, dogs take the crown, paws down!

We've had several rescue dogs over the years, and our latest dynamic duo are lurchers, a wonderful cross breed, blending sighthound elegance with the grit of terriers and pastoral breeds.

They live for those long hillside hikes and the occasional burst of zoomies, although now that they're hitting the double digits, they've become connoisseurs of sofa cosiness, snuggling amidst a sea of pillows and throws.

Meet Lewis, our whirlwind goofball, a mix of Saluki grace and German Pointer mischief (with a penchant for puddles!). And then there's Abbey, our Swiss army knife of a dog—compact, versatile, and oh-so-foldable.


But enough about our fabulous fur babies!

Drumroll, please! We're thrilled to unveil our latest website addition: Po-jama Doggy Wall Hangings! 🎉


These whimsical PJ pups are here to light up your day and spread joy like confetti. Whether it's for your dog-obsessed bestie, your sweet mum, or even just a treat for yourself, these cute furry friends are guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone's face.

We're kicking things off with a lineup of "hounds," but if you're hankering for other breeds, different hues, or funky patterns, just give us a shout! We're all ears and ready to make tails wag with your personalized requests! 🐾

Next time: All about fabulous bouquets!


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