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A special project!

I don't know if you happened to read the blog about our hippie wall, but if you haven't, you may want to head there first: Bye Bye Hippie Wall. It's sort of the basis for this current blog :)

After making our little ceramic flowers, the handsome doggy ornaments and the super cute kitten brooches, I had the need for something completely different. And I mean, different!

We just celebrated our son's 32nd birthday and while going through the pre-digital pictures of all those well documented years, I came across some of his teenage room decorations. In the middle of the wall was a prominent chimney which, to be honest, was a bit of a nuissance. It stuck out like a sore thumb and took up valuable space. Anyway... when my son asked me to turn one of my paintings into a mural for him, I gladly obliged. This is the only picture I managed to find of that wall. The mural had so many intricate little details which hardly show.

Now, fast forward 15 years and, in need for a little project with a difference, I thought, what would this look like in ceramics? Would I manage to replicate this on an A5 scale pot? I was REALLY excited to make this. A blast from the past. Would my son like it? And here it is. A scaled down and almost identical replica, including the small details! For the pottery fans among you, I used white stoneware clay and a mixture of Amaco velvet underglazes and Mayco Stroke & Coat. I did not have the correct purple so it's more of an aubergine colour instead but it will do, right?

The mural at the time was complicated to paint due toa wall being an unmovable "canvas".

This labour of love was not any easier! Its small size and it being glazed rather than painted made it super tricky. Bisqueware is porous sucking the glaze in instantly. It also dries to a very pale version of itself making it tricky to envision the final version.

My eyes went all wonky from painting those tiny details with the hairline brushes, but I was soooo glad with the result, and so was our son 😍. I really wanted to keep it!

I LOVED making this piece so much. And.. while writing this blog, I just got a vision of the next piece I would like to make! Where's my sketchbook?

Oh yes.. and I almost forgot, here's the Hippie Wall mini mural version. What do you think?


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