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The Cosy Kittens are here!

After the huge hit with our po-jama dogs, we were inundated with requests to create cats.

I mean, who can resist those furry felines, right?

We decided to make them smaller than the dogs, cute and perfect for wearing.

Handling those tiny kitties proved to be quite the challenge. Fragile at every stage, more than a few ended up in the scrap bag. Luckily, clay has nine lives too. The broken ones will get reincarnated in a mug, a bowl, or a bothy!

The everlasting joy of glazing and never really knowing what it will look like once fired, is a thrill that never tires. And unlike what the label may say, "What you see, is what you get", no, it isn't. Not really! When different colours all dry as a pale white, it requires concentration to remember which dot is which colour. At my age, any distraction (phone, full dog in need of relief, mail delivery) is enough to forget what I was doing. The outcome can be hilarious but makes it super exciting to open a glaze kiln. Magic every single time!

Come firing time, the pieces make the perilous journey from our drying rack, through the house... into the kiln. So many things can go wrong, and do go wrong. A stumble across the path, a knock against the kiln bricks, a drop from height, a hefty hand. When they do survive, they look like this:

I am pleased to say that we do not abandon our less fortunate ones! Just like we rescue real life furries, we caringly nurse the broken limbs and let them join our pack of mishaps on our happy wall. They're in good company!

We all need pets in our lives, and if for some reason, a real animal is not an option, why not adopt a ceramic one?

Head over to our kennel and meet our hypoallergenic, well behaved, low maintenance, dogs and kittens!

Till next time when I'll be showing you a very special project I worked on last week

😻🐾Furry greetings 🐾🐶 Chris


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