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Bye bye Hippie Wall

I wanted to share something, for once, NOT clay related.

Many years ago, before I became addicted to Polymer Clay, I dabbled in various media. One of them was painting with acrylics. Many years ago…. I also dreamed of a new Hippie era, flowers in my long hair and wishing for a better world full of love and happiness.

As said, it was MANY years ago! AND it was a dream.

I painted a few canvasses with flowers and doodles (I am now beginning to see that my inclination towards bright colours is not recent!).

After the painting had sold, my son, then a much younger teenager told me he wanted to have something similar on the “chimney” wall in his room.

So up I went… brushes, paint pots and marker pens at hand and plenty of courage to tackle that unusually large "canvas" that was the chimney.

It took me forever and it was not as easy as it looked on paper. You can move paper around, you can shift your position. When you have a painting on an easel, you can angle it, lower it, move it around, turn it upside down. BUT you can’t do that with a wall!

Eventually, I finished it. Cut out some Simpsons figures in paper which were dotted all over the room and sloping ceiling and dear son was happy.

This week, the painting will be no more. The heavy storms of last year’s winter have damaged the chimney and water has started to seep through the wall with ugly bubbles appearing under the paint.

Restoration works are required and unfortunately the painting cannot not be rescued. Instead it will most likely become the ONLY white wall in the whole house.

I will leave it as a blank canvas, for visitors… Pens and paint nearby….


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