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bringing you "Toby" in multi colour ...

Not sure that title will mean anything to the younger ones among you but in "our" good old days... that was quite an event! Black and White TV became colour... I know, hard to fathom I still remember!

So, over the past weekends I have taken to drawing.. It started with a fluke on a piece of scrap paper (you can read about this here) and some very supportive comments from hubby and now I can't stop. While waiting for my Polychromo pencils to arrive, I tried drawing Lewis and Abby in black and white and shades of grey... but in my mind I already saw them in a coloured version.

Toby, the tiniest member of the family had not yet been put to paper so when the mailman came and delivered this beautiful box of pencils... I HAD to give him a go. These are the work in progress pictures, quickly taken with the camera while on the go (hence the artificial lighting and the lack of focus).

Here's the finished version:

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