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Arf, she said...

So, sometimes I don't think things through....

On days when I don't have much time to get my paints and brushes out, I like to dabble with a pencil. Basically, just scribble a bit, nothing in particular.

The other week, having just printed another dog picture (yes.. we have HEAPS of them), I decided to check how good my "eye" was and if I could manage to draw our Abby, freehand..

This was my very first attempt at drawing an animal and I tried not to worry about the details... it was a quick affair on a piece of scrap water colour paper. The paper was rather rough toothed and not suited for detailed work but I did quite like doing this, so will attempt this one again at some other point in time.

Since it only needed a handful of supplies (pencil, sharpener, eraser, paper) and barely any desk space, I could do this during lunch time or when I needed a break.

Yesterday evening, I decided I was going to turn Lewis into a pencilled version... because a spotted dog with a cute face is irressistable, right?

Again, I did not think this through too well... he has PLENTY of spots and maybe, just maybe, I should have gone for an easier picture?

Anyway, here is my second attempt at drawing beasties.

This time I had a better pencil (polychromo) and it took quite a few hours to get to this stage.

I may just have another go at Abby :) Practise, practise, practise! Have a lovely weekend!


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