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A few things about FACES

Many of you probably have the same thing: we see faces. (don’t mention that some of us also hear voices, but we won't dwell on that). We see faces in clouds, we see them in trees, I find them in wall paper and floor coverings. I don’t see them on toast :)

The thing is… I grew up with faces. When I was a young teenager, I lived in a town which was invaded by all types of creatures and imaginary people once a year. It was called Carnival! Everyone dressed up, prepared for the 4 day party, young and old.. masks were replaced with elaborate make-up and that’s where my my story began.

My family ran a make-up “shop” during those days and all family members were “volunteered” to paint the masses. And we’re not talking butterflies or simply face painting here. Some of the guises were full blown ape masks, intricate designs fitting the parade costumes, large groups with particular demands.

As soon as I could draw a line, I was recruited to draw a clown’s face, to draw flowers, to fill up the lines with lots of beautiful colours… sponges, pencils. I still have a romantic notion of those days. I can recall the smell of the make-up, I can feel the carnival fever and the festive joy that came with it.

Many years later, I wanted a hobby which would pay for my trips abroad and started making masks, along the style of the Venetian masks. I did an exhibition together with my dad who painted, and sold most of my works. (yeah.. holidays here I come!)

And then life got a bit in the way and all artistic endeavours were shelved. Until recently….

Digging out my clay, my fingers started to ache to make faces again. Last year, I did a 1 day workshop with Room 13 – an art group run entirely by students – and after this 1 day, I felt that THIS was what I wanted to do. Over and over and over.

But in smaller versions first… hence my polymer clay pendants and connector beads.

Faces intrigue me.

Eyes fascinate me.

Jawbone lines attract me.

So if I stare at you…. don’t be afraid.

It means I am creating your face in clay in my mind.


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