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Will you marry me?

Recently our wonderful son went on his knee (in his own brilliant style)... and asked his long term girlfriend the big question. He designed the ring himself incorporating plenty of symbolism important to the both of them. We were beaming with pride and emotions ran high.

Ever since they moved in together (what seems like an eternity ago), I have been meaning to make them a clock. Well, when I say "make a clock"... it's more the decoration than the clockwork itself obviously; I am not THAT good :) I had plenty of ideas in mind but none that really jumped out, until I saw the design for the ring! That was it... I could build on that design and make this clock something really personal as well.

I wanted to incorporate a few game references, go a bit steampunky...

I first found a round clock base and I cut the clock plate (1st game reference :) )

I enlarged the ring design and had the base cut from mdf. The square had to be large enough to accommodate the clock work.

Gave that a couple of layers of black paint and gesso. Then, onto the embellishments.

Sorting a large bag of clock "soup" into usable cogs and other parts and giving them a gesso treatment...

I added some textured paste and black gesso on the wooden base - forgot to take pictures of that stage. Gathered game references and turned them into embellishments.

I added some bits in polymer clay and created a "surround" for the clock.

After everything was glued down, it was time to paint the first layers.

A silvery first coat over the black gesso followed by copper, teal, a bit of gold, more silver and turquoise patina. Then I added the sapphire which turns the clock into the opposite of the engagement ring... et voila, the finished piece.

Oh... and I added a battery :)

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