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Velvety smooth and shiny!

After firing all those test tiles resulting in some truly yummy colours, I could not wait to try them on all the small pots I had made over the past weeks. It was time to decide which colour would fit which piece! Oh the choices! When making test tiles.. you add some texture to see how the glaze "breaks" over the edges which is very useful for predicting how a glaze will look on a textured surface. Same goes with the even flat layers. I took each piece.. held the various tiles next to it.. and then just picked one. One moment one colour was my favourite, the next I preferred another. This is the progress of 3 pots:

As you can see.. the glaze does not look anything like the finished version!

And one of my favourites...

Each has 3 layers of one colour of glaze, then another 3 layers of another one on top. All are fired at cone 5.5 in an electric kiln. So.. 35 small pots x 6 layers (which all need to be dry before adding the next layer) = 1 full day work. Keep this in mind when you see this small selection :) You can find the full size pictures on the gallery page.

And while this batch is being examined and pampered by yours truly, a fresh batch of pots has been bisqued and glazed and is ready to be fired tomorrow. Hopefully the kiln gods will play nicely!

More to come.. next week!


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