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Who would have thought that Michelangelo's marvelous masterpiece, would still inspire mere mortal soulds like myself 514 years after it's creation?

The statue, unvailed in 1504 in the Piazza della Signoria in Firenze simbolised the defense of civil liberties in the then independent city-state which was continuously under threat from the Medici family in Rome. The statue was moved to the Galleria dell'Accademia in 1873, and a replica placed in the Piazza at a later date.

I particularly like this close up with David's eyes, a warning glare, turned towards Rome.

My love and passion for Italy, its people and its art are no surprise to those who know me. It has been an ongoing love affair for over 40 years and it's the home of my best friends, the place where my heart is...

When I started to draw, our dogs became my inspiration and more dogs will be emerging as I go along but I want to improve, learn, be able to draw everything I come across... and especially learn to see what is in front of me. So, many subjects, many challenges, a variety of difficulties and plenty of art materials :)

This picture has been sitting on my desk for a while and I finally had the courage to tackle it.

I have used Pan Pastels and Polychromo pencils on coloured Mi-Teintes earth tones paper.


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