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The early bird....

... gets the worm. In my case, I don't really fancy a worm but I get to draw!

Waking up at 4am each day has its advantages: it's quiet, no phone calls, everyone gently snoozing away and a couple of hours before my work day officially starts. At times I start working straight away (I know.. I have a couple of bolts loose), on other days, I feel more creative and then magic happens! Last weekend I had been drawing for over 20 hours to get a drawing of our Abby on paper. It was only my second drawing of a dog and I was rather pleased of having been able to capture her character. I still have ways to go in learning and improving but I am thoroughly enjoying this.

So much so that I have been drawing most mornings, not for long but enough to finish yet another drawing of our son's dog Bailey. Below are both pooches with their drawn counter parts. More to come!



Till soon,


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