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Lurchers.... of the affectionate kind

as if there are any others :) 3 years ago, after having lost our beloved terrier Frodo to old age, it was time to look for another companion for our equally old labrador Jazz.

We agreed on another rescue and definitely a medium sized doggy... oh well, let's see how that panned out, shall we? long story short and this is what we ended up with:

Meet Lewis, the lurcher!

Not exactly what you would call MEDIUM SIZED.

But how could w resist this face?


So for those of you who are not aware of "lurchers", this is what the the dictionary says:





a cross-bred dog, typically a retriever, collie, or sheepdog crossed with a greyhound, of a kind originally used for hunting and by poachers for catching rabbits.

In our case Lewis may be a cross between a Saluki and a German Pointer. Hard to tell as he was a rescue (like all our other pooches). He can look majestic one minute and an utter goofball the next.

Two months later our old Jazz took a bad turn and we thought we were losing her too...

When we heard that Abby, another lurcher, was still up for adoption at the same rescue place, well yes.. you guessed it.. we had to have her. She got along great with Lewis during their time together at the kennel and it only made sense to reunite them.

Abby, crossbreed greyhound and.... staffie, shepherd... who knows..

She came to us with a tremendous fear of men, having been abused before being abandoned. She's still not keen on visitors in vans but she's absolutely fine with anyone we trust. (and we only trust people our dogs trust)

Our old Jazz even got a new spring in her step and managed to live to a good old 19 years. We lost her nearly 2 months ago and just like Frodo, she leaves a tremendous emptiness in our hearts.

These two are doing a tremendous job in healing the broken hearts...

and when they are asleep, there is always Art :) We adopted both our lurchers from a fantastic (the best!) dog rescue place in Scotland: KWK9 rescue

If you are thinking of rescuing one of these wonderfully laid back cross breeds, get in touch with them.

We especially owe the world to Sally who convinced us to come and see that "not so" medium dog in Wick. And the rest is history.

As a thank you for 3 years of dog love and a new friendship with a fantastic lady, I made this twin set:

Thank you Sally!

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