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Remaining positive by doing something negative!

Since my Mum took a heavy tumble at the end of April, spare time has been spent merely sitting in hospital emergency rooms, worrying a lot and becoming her part-time carer. In order to keep my earlier creative outburst going, I needed to do SOMETHING which would not be too strenous, too time consuming, and something I could put away at a moment's notice to pick up at a later point.

So, inbetween the day job and the caring, I ended up learning something new: Negative painting.

It's not a new technique but it was new to me. Basically, instead of painting a postive image, you draw/paint/colour the shapes between those images. I was fascinated by the works of Linda Kemp and started doing a few bits and pieces.. So far, all with dark backgrounds. At some point, I will be trying lighter backgrounds, when I have a bit more time. All of these were done with watercolour.

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