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What I wanted to do today…..

…. and what I finally ended up doing, are usually two very different things. You know how it goes, you get up, all bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to go. The muse is awake, the clay is on the table.. so here we go, right? Wrong. First there is the shower, the breakfast… the e-mail… then there is Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Blogposts… Pinterest and any possible links someone has suggested I need to check before I die… and then… it is noon. Time for lunch! Also time to whine about what did not get done yet!!! You may have noticed that I even omit the household chores – a girl with a creative addiction has priorities. So after a few days of this, I decided it had to stop. I actually switched off the computer after checking the e-mails and assemble these:

I was pretty happy with the result so that was that.

Today, I wanted to do the same thing. But … it did not go that smoothly. You see, when people get the pictures of the result of your day’s work, they do not realise what lies behind it. Mostly you can read stories about the inspiration, nature, a piece of fabric,… rarely do you read about the day’s journey.

So I figured I would share mine with you. Just for today.. because it has been such a typical one! Remember these ?

I needed to finish them so I can take them to the Art Gallery in Inverness next week. So out came the beads.. Then I realised WHY I had not finished them yet. I was missing the spacers –> got some clay in the various colours, rolled the beads, made the holes, baked them. Easy peasy, done.

Took the hollow beads and tried to string them on the rubber cord. 2 problems: cord was 2mm and the holes were only 1.5 (like my previous batch of cords was) and it was also a pain to get the cord through the hole on the other side of the hollow space. Problem one was easily fixed, just needed to drill each bead with my hand drill… bigger hole. A bit of a nuisance, causing a bit of a delay. No disaster.

Then I put a thin needle in the end of the rubber cord thus resolving problem nr. 2.

So I made this one:

When it came to the cord ends, I happily grabbed my latest purchased ones which are beautifully glue on caps and which I bought with the cords. You would imagine that when they tell you they are 2mm, that they would fit the 2mm cords they are sold for… but no.. they were wayyyy too big and the cords kept coming out, regardless of the glue used. So grumpily I reverted back to my older spring caps… grrrr.

And I also decided to add some jump rings in black and silver for added effect to the next one. Wrong!

I kept dropping the rings, sliding off the pliers, I nearly chucked everything back into the box. But no.. I decided to keep going, ignoring the stuff that dropped onto the floor (it is like Aladin’s cave down there) and finished the necklaces. The result of sheer stubbornness and persistence:

I guess you know why I am a bit tired this evening – tired but content!

Have a great week!


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