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Autumn? Snow forecast? What is this all about ?

Well, I am terribly sorry for not having posted for what seems like an eternity. But looking at the positive side of this : it means I have been busy away from the computer.

Most of summer (remind me what that is like again?) has been spent gently getting my energy back and generally feeling better. I made bits and bobs (mostly bobs) which have been turned into necklaces and other things, but which never made it to the website because my goodies will be travelling around a bit, visiting some lovely places around the country.

As the weather man forecasted snow in the Highlands for tomorrow, I can only think of fluffy looking warm jewellery colours, with a hot cup of cocoa, the open fire and the dogs at my feet (at the risk of getting clay in their fur).

Like so many other bloggers, I would love to roam the net and write about blogs/pictures/things that inspire me but usually I just drool, save the link, get side tracked and rush to my table to make something. So for the time being, you will just have to see what I made until I get the discipline of writing under my belt.

Soft velvet lime beads with silver lining

Soft velvet & polished dusty pink beads with silver lining

Soft velvet Lilac beads with silver lining

Ocean splash with turquoise and lime

See you soon Chris

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