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I'm a soul man.... podompedom podompedom...

I'm in a soul mood this week! Oldies blaring through my headset... well.. oldies.. you know.. from MY younger years, so yes... oldies. The rock gods of whom a lot have passed away already, the heart wrenching voices from an epic music era. My mind is far away from the daily grind and my senses are prickling with creative ideas. I am desperately trying to come away from my favourite colours and work out of my comfort zone. Not as easy as you might think! I tend to overwork a canvas until I have lost all inspiration for it.... and I like to work with turquoises and rust. So I set myself two challenges this week:

1. I would make a canvas with as little layers as possible.

2. I would make a canvas using black and white paper I received from my dear friend Teia and stay clear of my turquoise...

Phase one:

textured tissue paper over coloured crackled background.

Stenciled butterflies in pumice stone & round pattern in broken china.

And then I got carried away :) Added the words, the wooden bits, Vitruvian man and more colours, more stenciling and more colouring with gelatos. In total only 3 layers on this canvas: crackle paint, textured tissue paper, another bit of tissue paper.

For the second canvas... on to the next blog post :) and no turquoise this time... I promise.

Chris xxx

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