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... the thing with mandalas

is that they are not as easy to colour as you would think. (and I am not talking about the spiritual significance of the word mandala, rather than the geometric round patterns which have emerged in the "colouring book world".

I LOVE my water soluble Inktense pencils and my Staedler ergo grip ones and I have a certain colour palette I prefer over others. The only way to relax my brain is by thinking about something NOT work related, (I cannot think about "nothing", it does not work, I challenge myself to using colours out of my comfort zone. Bring on the mandala. At first sight, easy to tackle... repeating geometric patterns. I start by deciding whether I want a light or a dark core. Then I pick a handful of pencils which go well together and I start....

These are some examples of how the same colour palette applied in the opposite way, results in a totally different effect:

More intricate mandalas with more colours are even more difficult to create a pleasing effect to the eye:

And when you get tired of mandalas, there is always The Elephant :)


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