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Sunlit Memories: Forget-Me-Nots & Yellow Primrose Bouquet

Sunlit Memories: Forget-Me-Nots & Yellow Primrose Bouquet


** Price is for a bunch of 5 flowers**
Dark blue x 3, Yellow x 2


Welcome to the cosy corner of our website! Get ready to fall in love with our adorable everlasting small ceramic flowers. 🌸 They're like a perpetual springtime in your home!


These little ceramic bouquets are the perfect companions for our cute bud vases, adding a touch of whimsy to any space.

So whether you're going for a dainty arrangement or a fuller display, we've got you covered!  You can even pair them with a cute ribbon and hang them on your wall, add them to a wreath or spruce up the pot of your non-flowering plant.


Crafted with care from white and buff stoneware clay, individually glazed with beautiful glossy glazes, these little beauties are here to stay. They'll brighten up your day, every day!


So why wait? Sprinkle some everlasting charm into your life with these Dark Blue and Yellow flowers. Grab a set (or two) today and let the smiles bloom! 🌼

Each bouquet will consist of a mixture of flowers which are roughly 1 inch (2.5cm) wide. Some are smaller, some are just a bit larger.  

They have 4" (10cm) bendable coated metal wires which can be cut, replaced with a different colour or removed to use for other purposes. 

We'll even toss in a few Mulberry paper leaves to complete the bouquet, turning it into a ready-made gift!


Buy 2, get 10% off

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