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Updated: Sep 20, 2021

for not having been in touch for such a long time. After having a nice run from preparing pots for when my kiln arrived, to getting my first pots glazed, it felt like a smooth flowing movement, naturally progressing and waltzing me through the ceramic cycles. And then Covid visited. A single taxi ride to attend a meeting in person was enough. Double vaccinated, double masked, wearing gloves but obviously needing to breathe while in the taxi... Everything was put on hold while my husband (yep, we share everything) and me fought off this virus. So no work, no play, no claying. While we are still struggling to get rid of this extreme exhaustion, incessant coughing, and waiting to get our smell and taste back, I figured it would be a good time to catch up.

The morning I fell ill, I had just started a glaze firing and it took all the strength I had to unload the kiln and bring the pots in the next day. Now, after just under a month, I managed to take some pictures of those pots and get Dante to fire the remainder of that glazing session. You know how you see all those "kiln openings" on Youtube, lots of pretty pots emerging..

the excitement and admiration for a job well done when the glaze has turned out just as you imagined with the texture showing nicely through those blues and greens... well, I did not film mine. I just wanted to see the result after having waited for so long. It is a moment which ends a 2 week (or longer in this case) process.. from getting a lump of clay out of the bag, shaping it into a bowl, a pot, a mug, texturing it when it has firmed up a bit,letting it dry completely, firing it for the first time, glazing it, letting that dry again, firing for the second time and waiting many hours for the kiln to fire to temperature and then many more hours to cool down (most difficult part!!) before opening that lid and have a sneak peak. It is soooooo exciting and nervewrecking in equal measures. And then you are rewarded with this:

I rarely am lost for words but this little bud vase blew me away. The colours were so unexpected and just "broke" perfectly over the texture. It is quite astonishing what fire can do. Below a few more from the same kiln load.

It was not all good though... a couple of pieces had very small patches without glaze (crazing) so will need re-firing to address that issue:

Until I can get back to making things, I am filling up sketch books but that will be for another post. In the meantime, you may want to visit and get yourself some marvellous Scottish made pottery over the coming weekends:

NEOS - North East Open Studios - 11th - 19th September 2021

COWAL Open Studios - 24th - 27th September 2021

SPA Craft Pottery Fair - 30th October 2021

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