Size isn't everything!

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

A few pendants, wee pots, firing one at a time... I knew, as soon as my hands touched the clay, that a small microwave kiln would not satisfy my urge for very long. Something bigger was needed!

Something to fire mugs and plates and vases and pots and planters and oh..... so much more! Something like this:

Two months before my 50th birthday I had a brain tumour removed. I could not raise a glass by myself, let alone celebrate this milestone in style. So I didn't. Life went on, be it in a very different and hugely restricted way, but on nonetheless. When I turned 60 this year, a kiln seemed like a fitting present to make up for the trauma and soften the pain of the past 10 years and, above all .... the start of a new decade. One filled to the brim with creative adventures!

BUT...... a kiln is hugely expensive and would make quite a dent in our budget. Enter Ian, my wonderful soulmate. He is my friend, critic and motivator and has enthusiastically supported each creative path I have taken in the past. We tickled our piggy bank into submission and ordered a kiln! YEAH!

My kiln is due be hand delivered by Adrian from Northern Kilns on the 22nd of July.

I named my kiln Dante, after the great Italian poet and philosopher who wrote "La divina Comedia" of which "Inferno" is the first poem. Rather fitting, don't you think? While the clock is ticking, I am reorganising our living room which will become my makeshift studio for the foreseeable future. I am sure pictures will follow soon! Can you tell I am super excited?

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