It's here!!!

Thanks to the my lovely supporters, I have been able to buy a pottery wheel!!! And it's here! It lives in a quiet corner of the house where I can retreat to when I want to throw some clay around.

I find watching others throw pots quite soothing and they make it look so easy. But, it's not. All prepared with buckets, tools, towels, apron and clay... I switched on the wheel and put my foot to the pedal. The wheel head turning smoothly with a gentle welcoming hum. Threw my first ball of clay aiming for the centre. Then, following the techniques I had watched on Youtube during the days before, I started to push the clay to have it as central as I could muster. Cone it up and down a couple of times before creating a hole in the middle, all the way to the bottom (almost) and pulling it open to create the base of the pot. This already felt quite amazing... And then my heavy handedness kicked in and I put a bit too much pressure on the walls when pulling them up. Resulting in this:

I laughed so hard during these first attempts.. I had to regroup and concentrate :) As in proper studying fashion, I did cut my first pots apart to check for even wall thickness.

I did this throughout Friday and many half cut pots ended up in the reclaim bin. (more about that in a future post). On Saturday I spent time glazing test tiles (so many yummies!!! read here). On Sunday I went back to the wheel for a second run and it felt already more natural. I started really enjoying this process and kept a few pots from this session.

I tried out a couple of shapes, some with a rimmed food, others without. Next time I want to try and pull some cylinders, hopefully resulting in suitable sized mugs :) For now though, I will be working on the rewards for my generous sponsors so they can all be fired and glazed in the next couple of weeks. Very much .. to be continued ...

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