It took me a while to understand why others put WIP next to their posted paintings. And here I am.. posting my own "Work in Progress" pictures, all 3 are oil paintings on canvas board. Many moons ago, I got really passionate about realistically rendered dog portraits. I bought a variety of best quality coloured pencils: Prismacolour, Polychromo, Pablo and Luminance... and matching high quality papers from Fabriano or Moulin du Roi. I was all geared up to spend many hours in the company of those lovely faces on my drawing table...

but then...

after endless hours of tiny furry hairs...

my hand gave up!

Disaster. There was no way I could draw more of these with the pain in my hand and wrist. So I sulked for a little while, banged against the wall and decided I needed to find another way! An attempt with acrylic paint did not go as planned and I knew that that was not where I wanted to take this.

Then on to oils. After a couple of landscapes and a flower... maybe I could find my way to my beloved dog faces again?

So yes, here we are.. trying to capture the soul of these lovely four legged goofballs in creamy oils. In the pictures you can see the underpaintings. Now it is time to work on the details, the small fur, the shading, bringing the dogs to life. Works in progress indeed!

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